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    Human Resources and Change Management

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    Please help me answer each of these questions in 200 words or more.

    1. Discuss the impact of organizational changes and how they have impacted changes in the human resource management function. Offer real-world corporate examples.
    2. Develop a plan for addressing human resource challenges which result from the implementation of organization change in the hotel industry.
    3. Managers and HR professionals have debated the possibility and limitations of bringing HR to the bottom line for the past three decades. Take a position, pro or con, on this topic and support your views with specific barriers to measuring the HR function or two specific measures that can be made regarding the ROI of human capital management.
    4. What role (s) can HRM play in support or an organization's efforts to obtain ISO9000 certification or the Six Sigma methodologies?

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    Running Head: HUMAN RESOURCES

    Human Resources and Change Management

    Solution1: Change in some way is the necessary aspect of human life. One of the few things of real permanence in this world is change. Whole society is changing in some or the other way, either for better or for worse, though objective for change is better. (Prasad, 2008) Organizational change is a continuous process. However, some changes, which are of minor type, may be absorbed by the existing equilibrium; others, which are major ones, may require special change efforts.
    Impact of Organizational Changes
    When change occurs in any part of the organization, it disturbs the old equilibrium necessitating the development of a new equilibrium. The type of new equilibrium depends on the degree of change and its impact on the organization. The change may affect the whole organization. Some parts of the organization may be affected more, other less; some parts are affected directly, others indirectly. (Prasad, 2008)
    Organization significantly affects human resource management function. Due to changes implemented in the organization, HR policies are affected. The department has to change its policies and has to perform many other additional functions. For example, when there is a change of technology in the organization's environment and other organizations adopt the new -technology, the organization under focus becomes less cost effective and its competitive position weakens. Therefore, it has to adopt new technology. Due to the new technology, training has to be provided to understand the new systems.
    For example: General Electric changed its organizational structure, which impacted its personnel management functions. McDonalds adopted retrenchment strategy to lower down its home office costs of maintaining employees and to attain reductions in costs. The change adopted by the company affected its HR policies.
    Solution 2. In order to address the challenges associated with the organizational change implementation in the hotel industry, it is essential to develop a systematic and coherent plan. Generally, it is seen that the major challenge lies in the people's strong resistance towards change. So, the plan needs to involve all the individuals in this process. At the same time, due to the versatile & dynamic nature of the hotel industry, it will be necessary to change the organizational structure prior to changing the individuals. Basically, the communication ...

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