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Employee and Labor Relations in four work settings

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Explain which definition of work best defines the relationship that exists in each of these work settings?

1. Service organization.
2. Non-profit organization.
3. Manufacturing company, without a union, owned by a family.
4. Publicly-traded corporation operating in a global environment.

In your writing, select a specific organization that supports your understanding of each organizational setting and how the definition is applied. In a single summary sentence, describe the relationship existing between management and employees. For non-profits, use volunteer synonymously with paid employee. For a service organization, differentiate between the public and private sector, for example, a school or public agency versus a private law firm or training company.

Include references.

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Employee and Labor relations

Service Organisation: An individual or entity that provides service to individuals or their clients is known as a service organisation. Services provided by service organisations are not tangible in nature as products offered by manufacturing organisation (Flynn, Koornhof & Flynn 2005). A service organization can be from public and private sector, for instance example, a public agency that works for the benefits of people or a business service organisation that provides business related services to their clients (Doherty & Horne 2002).

A well known example of a public service organisation is Ambulance corporations that work for the safety of public. As well, an example of private service organisation is the Business Services Organisation that has been established with an aim to offer a diverse range of local business support functions and expert professional services to the health and social care sector in Northern Ireland (Business Services Organisation 2011). Public service organisation employees are volunteer and as well as paid whereas private firm's employees are paid. Both types of service organisations employees work in cooperation with their management as it is essential to offer effective services on time.

Non-Profit Organisation: A non-profit organisation is established with an aim to serving a public or mutual benefit in spite of the efforts or attainment of profits for proprietors or investors. This organization could be non-profit distributing; self-governing; voluntary; and of public benefit (American Red Cross 2011). Usually ...

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Employee and labor relations in four work settings are examined.