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Labor Relations

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The National Labor Relations Act has given the states the right to enact law prohibiting union or agency shop forms of union security. Currently, 22 states have implemented the right-to-work laws. Discuss how these laws have impacted the unions.

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//Prior to start working on it, you should know about National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). Additionally, get an overview about right-to-work laws. I am providing you some information on NLRA, right-to-work law, provision of union security & affect of right-to-work law on union membership as an example. See the text below: //

Labor Relations

National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) was enacted in 1935, in America. The purpose of this act is to protect the rights of both the employer as well as the employees, restrict the management practices harming the workers' welfare and encourage collective bargaining between the employer and the employees (National Labor Relations Act, 2008). This act provides a right to the employees to select their representative for collective bargaining. It provides a right to the states to enact a law that prohibits union or agency shop forms of union security. Union security clauses come under the labor contract and protect the status of the union. The clauses of union security are not forced by law but these are negotiable between the union and the employer.

The provision of union security can be classified as agency shop, open shop or union shop. The existence of agency shop can be found in the government departments, where the employees have to pay a certain amount as a service fee, even if they are not having the union membership and the union shop ...

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