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Labor-management relations

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Explain the role of the National Labor Relations Board :

a. The legal environment of labor-management relations

b. Union structures

c. Current and future developments in the labor movement

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Running Head: NLRB

NLBR: Labor Management Relations

Role of National Labor Relation Board
National Labor Relation Board (NLRB) is the independent agency of US government that is responsible to conduct fair elections for labor unions (Jennings, 2008). It performs several roles to enhance the legal relationship and fair labor practices.
The Legal Environment of Labor Management Relations:
The role of NLRB in the legal environment of labor management relations is quite effective as it enacted several acts to ensure an effective relationship between labor and management. The National Labor Relation Act 1935 (Wagner Act), the Labor Management Relations Act 1947 are the some acts that are enacted by NLRB to enhance the relations between labor and management. These ...

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The expert explains the role of the national labor relations board.

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Labor-Management Relations

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