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Unions in the Workplace

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For an overview of labor relations and laws associated with the employer-union process, please see "HR Fundamentals Employee and Labor Relations, retrieved February 20, 2011, from http://ucsfhr.ucsf.edu/files/HR101-4_LERpartI.pdf

This assignment takes a look at some of the major laws in the employer-union relationship, including the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, the National Labor Relations Act, the Labor Management Relations Act, and the Railway Labor Act.

A good place to start is by looking over the National Labor Relations Board website,


After you have reviewed the purpose, coverage and requirements of each act, discuss the following:

Discuss the labor law or laws that have the most impact on a unionized workplace in the U.S. Do any of these laws impact the union-free workplace? Discuss.

Are the current federal laws pro-labor or pro-business? Provide specific examples.

The number of employees belonging to unions in the U.S. is dropping. Why is this? Analyze our government's role in the success or lack of success of labor union's power. Back up your opinion with research.

If a currently unionized employer has set a goal to achieve union-free status in three years, what action steps will be needed to achieve this result? As an HRM professional, what would you recommend?

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In this solution, we will discuss some of the major laws in the employer-union relationship, including the Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act, the National Labor Relations Act, the Labor Management Relations Act, and the Railway Labor Act.

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Impact of Labor Laws on Unionized Workplace
In the U.S., the federal government has developed and implemented various labor laws or acts such as National Labor Relation Act, Railway Labor Act, and Labor Management Relations Act to improve relationship between employees and management. From these laws; Railway Labor Act has significantly impacted unionized workplace that includes railway and airlines. The U.S. federal government has passed this law for reducing conflict between railway employees and management to eliminate possibility of strike at the workplace in future. It is a main law of federal government that is implemented to regulate union and employers relations in the railway and airline sector (Bohlander & Snell, 2009).
On the other side, National Labor Relation Act (NLRA) is also an effective labor law for unionized workplace that helps to encourage growth of unions in organizations and collective bargaining, and allowed workers to join union and conduct elections etc in the U.S. The purpose of implementing this law is to prohibit employer dominated labor organization by strengthening the union power on workplace (National Labor Relation Board, 2011). This law does not have direct impact on the flexibility of workplace, because of its provisions. NLRA helps to improve relation between employees and management by developing an effective relationship and enforcing labor laws on employers and avoiding strikes at workplace.
At the same time, NLRA also influences the union free workplace by providing satisfaction to employees, protecting interests of employees, fair treatment of employees, access to career opportunities, and balanced promotion decision (National Labor Relation Act, 2010). On the other side, current Labor Management Relation Act, after implementing new provisions is also useful for union free workplace to protect rights or interests of employees and provide growth opportunities.
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