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    Unionism in the Workplace

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    Analyze and evaluate whether unionized organizations reduce the level of conflict between management and labor, or exacerbate this conflict.

    Defend your case with an example please.

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    Workers are forced to band together for a common goal when the workplace environment becomes anti-labor. When their concerns are not properly addressed, then unionism is the alternative.

    Unionized labor is not a cause of conflict, but rather it is the management's anti-worker policies are to be blamed.
    Workers are far less likely to organize if the management takes the time to address their concerns (Sievert, 2011).
    Take the case of Wal-Mart. This chain of store has no unionized labor and there were allegations that the Wal-Mart management ...

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    This solution justifies the formation of labor unions as an avenue of peace and harmony in the workplace. Organized labor played a critical role in shaping our society.