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Decline in Union Density According to John W. Budd

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Book: Labor Relations: Striking A Balance", 4th Edition, John W. Budd

1) According to Budd, identify and substantiate two major reasons for the decline in union density. (There are many reasons. Choose only 2.)
2) For each reason, prescribe methods Organized Labor (unions) might use to combat the problem. Show how each level of the union structure would be involved in the solution.

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One major reason is the demand for union services has declined (Henry S. Farber and Alan B. Krueger, "Union Membership in the United States: The Decline Continues.

It is stated that unions are not doing a good job supporting the workers who are members. The problem is the decline in membership and some unions are trying to turn this around. Many unions have slacked off trying to get members to join. Employers have become smarter by trying to make employees feel they are wanted and trying to attend to the needs of the employees. This makes the employees not want to join unions or need their help.

Additionally, legislation has had a lot to do with passing laws that protect the employees such as Civil Rights Act and Equal Pay Act. Safety standards have increased with OSHA - Occupational Safety and ...

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