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    Research a Human Resource Topic of your Interest

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    Review and reflect on the major topic of Labor Relations that address the following aspects of human resource management:

    Answer the following questions:
    - Select a topic that is of personal interest, thoroughly research it to make judgments.
    - What do you recommend as an outcome to this topic or issue?
    - Assess why this particular topic is of interest to you and why society should also share your concern.

    Support your paper with at least seven (7) resources.

    Length: 5-7 pages

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    The impact of union elections on human resources management practices in hospitals. Academic Journal (includes abstract) Deshpande SP; Health Care Manager, Jun2002; 20(4): 27-35. (9p)

    Intensity of Management Resistance: Understanding the Decline of Unionization in the Private Sector Academic Journal By: Kleiner, Morris M. Journal of Labor Research. Summer2001, Vol. 22 Issue 3, p519-540. 22p
    Employee voice: does union membership matter? Academic Journal By: Benson, John; Brown, Michelle. Human Resource Management Journal. 2010, Vol. 20 Issue 1, p80-99. 20p. 5
    "The Unions' Rejoice Act": An Examination of the Intent and Potential Impact of EFCA. Academic Journal By: Matchulat, John J.. Employee Relations Law Journal , Spring2009, Vol. 34 Issue 4, p16-55, 40p
    Holding the Union Together When the Economy Is Coming Apart. Periodical By: ERLICH, MARK. Dissent (00123846) , Winter2011, Vol. 58 Issue 1, p66-71, 6p

    - Select a topic that is of personal interest, thoroughly research it to make judgments.

    There is no bigger issue that exists today than the decline in union membership that has occurred over the last 70 plus years. This particular issue has had an immense impact on the middle class in America as it has contributed to the steady decline of middle class America while subsequently contributing to the enrichment of corporate leaders and big business. In reference to the importance that this has on human resource management, unions and their power or lack thereof in any particular geographical region across the U.S. will play a substantial role in any human resources manager's role as the welfare and wage propositions for employees who are a part of a union are handled by unions. Therefore, the responsibility for human resource professionals to monitor any changes in these labor relations is predicated upon the necessity to understand how the decline of unionization among workers has impacted hiring practices. In addition, in sectors or industries that still have a heavy union presence, human resource management must stay up-to-date on union rules and regulations and remain in compliance with any federal or state laws.

    The reason why the lost of union members is important for the entire country is that on average, union workers make between 10%-30% more than non-unionized workers. Therefore, the fact that big corporations have been able to systematically destroy unions over the past 70-90 years to a point where union membership is the lowest in over 90 years should also concern any noble human resources manager as they are a part of the middle class as ...

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