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Research Principles and Application in Human Resources

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I need help with discussing the research principles and their application to research in human resources. The following items below needs to be answered:

- The goals of research in HR
- A comparison of the applications of primary and secondary research
- An explanation of how reliability and validity are used and why they are important to human resource research.

Can you also help me with an introduction and conclusion.

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The following posting discusses research principles and their application to research in human resources.

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Business research covers a wide range of issues and concerns such as those related to production, marketing, finance, and human resource management. It is a way by which information needs of an organization is filled.

The main objective of human resource management is to see to it that at any point in time an organization must be equipped with adequate number of people who possess knowledge, attitude and skills that are appropriate to their job, have commitment to the company, and are working toward accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives.

The work of the human resource manager starts with the determination of human resource requirements of the different units, departments, and levels; and planning and implementing strategies to ensure that they are filled up with the desired number and quality of people, at the right time. After the determination of human resource requirements (through inventory of existing human resources and in consideration of the organization's future plans), the human resource manager designs strategies and plans for the basic human resource functions that include: recruitment, selection, hiring, placement, training and development, motivation, compensation, and maintenance,

In all the above - mentioned functional areas, decision- making process is required. Along this line, the principles of research are applied. These include:
1. Identification of a problem, particularly a human resource problem
- Example: employee absenteeism and tardiness
2. Subdividing the main problem into sub - parts or into specific research questions
- Sub-parts may include specific questions on: their profile, job descriptions, job specifications, nature of supervision provided, among others
3. Coming up with assumptions
- Example: employees hired went through a basic orientation process.
4. Formulating research ...

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