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Human Resource Research Applications

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Discuss the research principles found in reading and their application to research in human resources. Include the following:

o The goals of research in HR

o A comparison of the applications of primary and secondary research

o An explanation of how reliability and validity are used and why they are important to human resource research

Please use APA

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The goals of research in HR are to understand the resources available to an organization. Furthermore, research will help an organization understand what weaknesses it has and its strengths. Research in HR is also important to understand if the organization is achieving the goals that they set out to complete when the company was created. Research will further provide information about how to start a project, what resources are necessary, and the number of employees necessary to achieve said goals.

Primary research is the research that an individual or company undertakes in order to obtain information or research that does not already exist from other sources. Primary research is further ...

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This solutio provides an explanation of human resource applications, such as the goals of research in HR, primary and secondary goals, reliability and validity.

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