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How to write the Abstract and research Paper to be/for a written representative of the research conducted looking at psychophysiological aspects of an issue chosen from the textbook. You will select and read at least five recent journal articles on the chosen issue. You will then summarize your findings in an 8-10 page paper, written in APA style. My chosen issue is on the Psychophisiological aspects of Emotion. I have selected and am reading 5 APA PsycNET journal articles, but am unfamilir with how to start the paper (i.e. Abstract/organization/literature).I am going to apply Levels (headings). Any suggestions will be appreciated! Thank you.

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Dear Student,
Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. Now, in this particular problem, you are asking for help in putting together an 8-10 page paper on the subject that is the Psychophysiological aspects of Emotion. So, how should you go about it? Well, first, you need a structure. An 8-10 page paper should be at least 1,800 words if you follow the rule 12 size font Times New Roman, double space standard. Now, what does it mean 'representative of the research'? I think this just means presenting current information that represents the level of available research and ideas in the subject matter.

You have indicated that you have already chosen 5 recent journals. Are they focused on the same aspects of the area of research you have chosen or do they discuss different aspects but fall under the same umbrella? Whatever their focus, chose at least a particular salient point from each and discuss that in your paper. Now, how should you divide your paper? I suggest -

1. Cover page
2. Abstract
3. Table of Contents (you can only add this after you have written out your entire paper to help you assign the right page numbers)
4. Introduction - what is this paper about? Why is the discussion important? 250 words.
5. Sourcing and Limitations - where did you get your materials reviewed in the paper? What is the scope and limitation of your research? 150 words.
6. On the 'Psychophysiological aspects of Emotion' - what are the main ideas behind this subject of study and what is your main interest (think of this as an introduction to the ideas you have chosen to show from the materials you have reviewed)? 150 words.
7. Research paper 1 - what ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and in tackling the completion of the task (see above) on the topic of writing a research paper on the psychophysiological aspects of emotion - in particular, how to put together an outline that should be the basis for an 8-10 page paper and how to put together an abstract. The solution provides a suggested comprehensive outline with suggested word count for each item, a sample abstract and some journals and materials that could be useful for such a research paper.