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Post-operation Iraqi Freedom: A guide to speculations & debates of the outcome

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I would like to know what the most likely future of Iraq will look like after the war in respects to how the government is ran and how it will affect the citizens of Iraq including the Kurds. What are a couple sources I can link directly to this that would back or express an opinion of the future goverment? Will this new government be established more by the United States and British, or the entire United Nations?

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The solution is a guide in understanding the possible outcome of what Iraq and Iraq Society will be like after Operation Iraqi Freedom providing the student possible sources from which to read debates and speculations on the likely actions of Iraq and the International community post Operation Iraqi freedom.

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If you simply want quick information on the future of Iraq, you should visit the websites of the major news networks (such as www.CNN.com) and those of major magazines (www.time.com). However, I would caution against simply relying on internet sources. Since you are a senior student, I would imagine that a more detailed, academic analysis of the situation would be expected. Thus, I would recommend that you investigate some ...

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