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    reimbursable costs and disputes

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    The U.S. government employs a large number of contractors throughout many different departments. Unfortunately, not all contractors are scrupulous when seeking reimbursement for costs incurred during their contract period. Your reading covered four examples of contract disputes within the U.S. Department of Defense.

    Research another example of a reimbursement-related contract dispute between the U.S. government and a contractor. Then create a short case study report, including the following topics:

    •A summary of the reason for and nature of the contract
    •A summary of the company (what it does, any history/legal proceedings relevant to the topic
    of contract disputes/reimbursement, information on company's past profits)
    •An overview of the contract reimbursement allegations and dispute
    •A summary of the outcome of the dispute
    •A conclusion presenting your overall analysis of the allegations, dispute, and outcome

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    The summary of the reason for and nature of the contract:
    Kellogg Brown & Root Services, Inc was awarded a contract for maintaining dining facilities during a food services contract. In 2001, the Kellogg Brown & Root Services entered into a contract with the US Army to provide logistics support services during the Operation Iraqi Freedom. The dispute relates to costs incurred for providing, installing, operating, and maintaining dining facility services near Mosul Iraq. The contract was cost plus award fee reimbursement contract.

    Summary of the company:
    Kellogg Brown & Root Services is an American engineering, procurement, and construction company. The company has received several contracts ...

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