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    Cost Allocation of Service Department Costs

    Cost allocation is used to assign service department costs to the departments that actually consume these costs. This is done in an attempt to control costs in organizations and make other departments aware of, and responsible for, the organizational resources they consume. Three approaches are used to allocate service department costs to other departments: the direct method, the step-down method, and the reciprocal method.

    The Direct Method: In the direct method, interactions between service departments are ignored and costs are allocated just to operating departments.

    Step Down Method: In the step down method, one service department’s costs are allocated to another service department as well as operating departments that use it. Any amount of the allocation base attributable to the service department whose cost has already been allocated is ignored. Each service department assigns its own costs to operating departments plus the costs that have been allocated to it from other service departments.

    Reciprocal Method: The reciprocal method is a method of allocating service costs between departments that gives full recognition of interdepartmental services. The reciprocal method uses a system of equations to solve for the true costs of the service departments. These costs are then allocated to the operating departments.

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    Based on the attached information, allocate service department costs to the production departments using the step method of service department allocation. Then develop departmental overhead rates for production departments using machine hours and labor hours. The Johnson Company has three service departments: Administration,

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    Decide in your on word costs accounting. Number one in 200-250 words and number two in 100-150 words. 1. Explain how you have grown as a student and professional over the course of this class. Summarize how you expect to use what you have learned in this class throughout the rest of your education. Ex

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    U.S. Department of Transportation Highway Cost Allocation Study In 1997 the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) completed a cost allocation study (http://www.tfhrc.gov/pubrds/janpr/cost.htm), the objective of which was to evaluate the equity and economic efficiency of the federal highway user-fee structure. A major part of

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    Leidenheimer Corporation manufactures small airplane propellers. Sales for April totaled $850,000. Information regarding resources for the month follows: Resources Used Resources Supplied Parts management $30,000 $35,000 Energy 50,000 50,000 Quality inspections 45,000 50,00

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    Bayfield Division of Ashland Inc. has a capacity of 200,000 units and expects the following results. Sales (160,000 units at $4) $640,000 Variable costs, at $2 320,000 Fixed costs 260,000 Income $60,000 Washburn Division of Ashland Inc. currently purchases 50,000 units of a part for one of its products from an outside s

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    2. Computer Information Services is a computer software consulting company. Its three major functional areas are computer programming, information systems consulting, and software training. Carol Birch, a pricing analyst in the Accounting Department, has been asked to develop total costs for the functional areas. These costs wil

    Overhead allocation: Traditional v ABC costing

    Acme Enterprises has identified the following overhead costs and cost drivers for the coming year: Overhead Item Cost Driver Budgeted Cost Budgeted Activity Level Quality Number of inspections $125,000 2,500 Engineering Engineering hours 100,000 2,500 Machine setup Setup hours 90,000 400 Material handling Number of materi

    Computing figures for a process cost system

    3. Bisson Furniture uses a process cost system to account for its chair factory. Beginning inventory consisted of 5,000 units (100% complete as to material, 55% complete as to labor) with a cost of $124,800 materials and $104,500 conversion. 58,000 units were started into production during the month with material costs of $1,537

    Accounting: Variable Costing

    Please discuss variable costing. Discuss arguments both for and against variable costing, including situations when variable costing is not an appropriate method to use. Include a conclusion stating your position on whether or not you would recommend this method of costing. Use external material to back up your answer.

    Three methods of allocating joint costs

    Describe the three methods used to allocate joint costs. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each allocation method? Which method would you recommend? Why?

    Direct Costing Application: Rainbow Ltd, Book Publishing

    Question 1 The cost formula for the maintenance department of Rainbow, Ltd., is $19,300 per month plus $7.6 per machine hour used by the production department. (a) Calculate the maintenance cost that would be budgeted for a month in which 6,800 machine hours are planned to be used. (b) Prepare an appropriate performance re

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    Analysis of mixed cost problems

    I need help understanding and answering the attached questions. Ruedi Bärlach PLC, a company located in Gümligen, Switzerland, manufactures custom-designed high-precision industrial tools. The company has a traditional job-order costing system in which direct labor and direct materials costs are assigned directly to jobs, b

    Allocation Methods and Overhead Costs

    Blitzer Enterprises has identified three cost pools and three corresponding cost drivers to allocate overhead costs. The following estimates are provided for the coming year: Cost Pool Overhead Costs Cost Driver Activity Level Supervision of Direct Labor

    Linear programming models for allocating work

    Case Problem B URLINGHAM T EXTILE C OMPANY Brenda Last is the personnel director at the Burlingham Textile Company. The company's plant is expanding, and Brenda must fill five new supervisory positions in carding, spinning, weaving, inspection, and shipping. Applicants for the positions are required to take a written psychol

    Allocating Loan and Investment Alternatives

    For the problem you will need to write a model to determine how to allocate the $2 million to each of the loan/investment alternatives to maximize total annual return. Then, solve the problem in Excel. Make sure you submit the model, your excel spreadsheet, and state the complete solution to the problem in the context of the pro

    Reward Allocation Decision

    A Reward Allocation Decision You are in charge of allocating a $10,000 bonus to a team that has recently met an important deadline. The team was in charge of designing a web-based product for a client. The project lasted a year. There were five people in the team. Your job is to determine each person's share from the bonus.

    Buying and selling divisions,allocation practice

    There are various steps that can be used to reconcile the use of different approaches between the buying and selling divisions 1- Integration 2- Allocation 3-Investment Could you please elaborate further on this allocation practice?

    Manufacturing Overheads

    Burkhammer Inc. has provided the following data for the month of August. There were no beginning inventories; consequently, the direct materials, direct labor, and manufacturing overhead applied listed below are all for the current month. Work in Process Finished Goods Cost of Goods Sold Total Dire

    Allocating Costs for An Airline

    You own an airline. Your revenue is based on tickets purchased. You have the following overhead costs: Rent, Management, Aircraft Lease, and Crew Salaries. You have two main flights, NYC to Dubai & NYC to Phoenix, AZ. You are trying to allocate your costs based on flight destination. Please compare the drivers you woul

    Basis in liquidating distributions of a partnership

    I have: Cash Basis 8000 FMV 8000 Land A Basis 20000 FMV 45000 Land B Basis 20000 FMV 25000 In a proportionate liquidating distribution, my basis in the partnership is 58000. What should my basis in the distributed assets be for Land A Land B Please show work.

    Antony's Orchard: Importance in continuing to allocate costs

    Cost allocations are an important part of Anthony's Orchards budgeting system. Anthony's Orchards is reviewing the way decision rights are partitioned throughout the company. Using Anthony's Orchards website or Optional Resources, answer the following discussion question: Why is it important to continue to allocate costs? Wou

    Fixed Costs and Allocated Costs in the Service Department

    The maintenance department's costs are allocated to other departments based on the number of hours of maintenance use by each department. The maintenance department has fixed costs of $500,000 and variable costs of $30 per hour of maintenance provided. The variable costs include the salaries of the maintenance workers. More main