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    Washburn Divison of Ashland Inc. Income Calculations

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    Bayfield Division of Ashland Inc. has a capacity of 200,000 units and expects the following results.

    Sales (160,000 units at $4) $640,000
    Variable costs, at $2 320,000
    Fixed costs 260,000
    Income $60,000

    Washburn Division of Ashland Inc. currently purchases 50,000 units of a part for one of its products from an outside supplier for $4 per unit. Washburn's manager believes he could use a minor variation of Bayfield's product instead, and offers to buy the units from Bayfield at $3.50. Making the variation desired by Washburn would cost Bayfield an additional $0.50 per unit and would increase Bayfield's annual cash fixed costs by $20,000. Bayfield's manager agrees to the deal offered by Washburn's manager.

    Required: (33 Points)

    a. What is the effect of the deal on Washburn's income?
    b. What is the effect of the deal on Bayfield's income?
    c. What is the effect of the deal on the income of Ashland Inc. as a whole?

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    Saving of Washburn when bought from Bayfield = 50,000 * (4.00 - 3.50) = $25,000

    Now, lets compute Bayfield net additional ...

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    The solution computes the effect of income when the materials are purchased from by one division of the company from another.