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Business Management: Potential Wholesale Distributor

See attached case file.

The assignment is to investigate a potential wholesale distributor for your line of quality audio speakers (used with stereo systems). We need to gain information that will help us make a recommendation to our VP of Channel Relations that will ultimately help Outofsight Speaker Company decide whether to make Washburn one of their authorized wholesale distributors. Assume that we are meeting with them at their Paducah, Kentucky, office. Based on the scenario provided (attached), what questions should we ask the senior management team of Washburn Electronic Wholesalers?


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Three questions I would ask Washburn Electronics Senior Management are:

1. What type of volume does the competing brand of speakers bring your organization?

2. What is your strategy to promote and market our products to your independent electronics stores? How do you plan to compete with the major electronics retailers?

3. What is the mission/vision of your organization and does it have a growth strategy?

In order to determine whether Washburn ...

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