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    Cost Accounting: Benefits

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    Decide in your on word costs accounting. Number one in 200-250 words and number two in 100-150 words.

    1. Explain how you have grown as a student and professional over the course of this class.
    Summarize how you expect to use what you have learned in this class throughout the rest of your education.
    Explain how you will use the knowledge and skills you gained during this course in your chosen or anticipated profession.
    As you reflect on the course content, describe what you found to be the most interesting, surprising, or useful topic covered.

    2. Discuss the similarities and differences in how someone else thinks.

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    1. I have grown as a student and professional over the course of this class. Now, with the help of cost accounting, I can advise management on the most appropriate course of action based on cost efficiency and capability. After completing the cost accounting course, I am able to provide detailed cost information that management needs to control its current operations and plan for the future.
    What I have learned in this course will be used extensively by me in the rest of my education. First, in operations research and operations management, I will use the concepts of job, batch, and contract costing. I will also use my knowledge of service and output costing in operations management. Second, in financial accounting course, I will use my knowledge of cost accounting records and ...

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