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    Gulf War (Invasion of Kuwait)

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    How did the first Bush Administration become involved in a war with Iraq? How did it's involvement begin, progress, and end?

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    HW Bush's Iraq War

    How and why did the the first Bush Administration (HW Bush) get involved in the first Iraq War taken on by the US in the Middle East? As President, Herbert Bush felt that it was the role of the US to help shape international concerns and in his foreign affairs policy, one of the biggest worries that he saw was the growing ambitions of Iraq and the growing influence of institutionalized radicalism in Iran. Iraq under Saddam is critical of the peace between Israel and Egypt and supported the Arab militias and Palestinian group like Abu Nidal who were listed as terrorist organizations. The thing was, the US did assist Iraq covertly during the Iran-Iraq war being far more worried about institutional radicalism in Iran. And, while Iraq expelled Abu Nidal to Syria, it remain a strong supporter of the group. What was important then for Saddam was to continue the supply of American armament which for him was essential in checking Iran. By August 1988 when the peace deal with Iran was signed, Saddam's Iraq was virtually bankrupt owing much to Saudi and Kuwait. Iraq wanted both nations to erase the debts but both refused - they wanted Iraq to honor them and arrange payment. Kuwait was also accused by Iraq of lowering the oil prices in a bid to hurt Iraq. Saddam said that Kuwait was declaring economic warfare and further accused Kuwait of drilling into Iraqi Rumala oil fields. He also rehashed the claim that Kuwait was Iraqi territory as Kuwait only gained independence from being a British Territory in 1932 when prior to being a British Territory, it was part of the Iraqi Caliphate or more precisely, the Iraqi province of Basra under the Ottoman Empire. Although Iraq did come to recognise Kuwait as an independent state in 1963, Saddam returned to said rhetoric to force Kuwait to write-off Iraqi war debts. By July of 1990, Iraq released a statement warning Kuwait that it will take military action if its demands were not met (lowering of Kuwaiti oil prices, writing off of war debts) and by the 23rd of that ...

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    The solution provides insight, advise and information regarding the circumstances that brought the first Bush administration in what eventually became known as the 'Gulf War' due to the invasion and occupation of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein Iraq. The progress and eventual end of American involvement is discussed and explored. References are listed for further exploration of the topic.