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Country Analysis of Kuwait for Nike production

I. Introduction and Scope of Study

II. Market Analysis
A. Domestic Market Profile
B. Overseas Market Potential
C. Target Market
D. Overall Market Feasibility

III. Producer Survey and Supply Analysis
A. Review & Analysis of Survey Results
B. Supply Outlook

IV. Organization & Technology Analysis
A. Organizational Capacity Analysis
B. Technology & Equipment Needs
C. Operational Scenarios

V. Transportation and Processing Analysis
A. Map of Producer Locations
B. Supply Outlook

VI. Financial Analysis
A. Financial Summary and Feasibility
B. Assumptions

VII. Overall Feasibility Evaluation
A. Summary and Conclusions
B. Recommendations

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I will do the best I can with this. I am not as familiar with Kuwait and the Middle Eastern trade region as others, but the overall simplicity of such an analysis does not change. You may want to go to these websites (listed) and make sure I have all the information you think is necessary.


I. Introduction and Scope of Study
This is what you want to say and what you are trying to establish.

II. Market Analysis
A. Domestic Market Profile

The domestic markets of Kuwait are driven by income derived from crude oil, 50% of GDP, 95% of exports, 80% of government income. The oil production is supplemented with industry. The country grows virtually no crops but has fishing (coastline along the Persian Gulf). Unemployment is at a low 2.2%, despite much of the workforce being non-Kuwaiti. The industries in place include, petroleum (of course), petrochemical, construction, shipbuilding and repairs, cement, and food processing. There are no in country manufacturing competitions for Nike. The economy also has shrimp and natural gas as natural resources along with the petroleum and fish. Imports including clothing, food, construction materials, and vehicles and parts. Except for fish, nearly all food is imported. Exports exceed imports by more than 32 million dollars. The labor force is 1.67 million people and limited inflation on par with the United States at around 3-3.5%. Literacy rate is at 84% which is low in comparison to other developed nations, which some would consider a problem for gaining skilled labor. Religion is mostly Islamic. In 2005, GDP/PPP was 53. 31%, 22,800 per capita. Water for drinking is limited without desalination. Actual income information for population is not available.

B. Overseas Market Potential

Kuwait is a member of many organizations, not all are oil related. There is also trade with partners such as the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Netherlands. They are import partners with Saudi Arabia as well. The potential for Nike products in the Middle East is possible and certainly countries such as the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands are possibilities for Nike products.

C. Target Market

The target market for Nike is men, women, and children. Children and men will be the target in the country of Kuwait (Islam has specific rules for women's dress) with limited targets of women. There would also be markets targeted in surrounding countries such as Iraq and those countries with access to the Persian Gulf for close sales. Northern ...

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A discussion of the different areas of economic concern in the domestic and foreign markets for Nike to enter the Kuwait market.