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    Public Relations Strategy

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    Design a case study format/presentation that will answer the following questions:
    1. What can Nike's Corporate Responsibility team do to improve Nike's public image?
    2. How have Nike's attempts to date to address its critics been unsuccessful?
    3. What damage, if any has been done to Nike? Has Nike reacted appropriately? Has it overreacted? Underreacted?
    4. Many of Nike's competitors subcontract production to Asian factories similar to those used by Nike. Why was Nike singled out by human rights and labor rights activists?
    5. What responsibility does Nike have to the workers in the factories of its subcontractors? What wage rates should it require them to pay their workers?

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    Step 1
    Nike's corporate responsibility team can take several measures to improve Nike's image. It should shut down its manufacturing operations that cause human rights concerns. It should stop using sweat shops. Next it must improve its environmental record. Nike should disclose all its factories and open them to independent inspections; the wages paid by Nike are not fair living wages.

    Step 2
    Nike's attempts to date to address its critics have been unsuccessful because the attempts have been at best window dressings. Nike has not made any serious attempt to ...

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