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    Importance to evaluate public relations

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    Why is it important to evaluate public relations? How does a business evaluate public relations? How is the data compiled? What types of services might a business use to gather this data?

    How does the overall IMC evaluation compare to each separate tactical evaluation? Why is this important? How do changes in the external environment affect overall IMC campaigns?

    approximately 500 words, 6 references

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    Evaluation of Public Relation
    Evaluation of public relation by an organization is important to recognize the harmony in relation with the public that is vital to maintain market position. Evaluation assists in measuring the effectiveness of marketing strategies and activities used by the organization to maintain relationship with the public (Smith, 2004). It helps in acquiring and retaining customers for long term (Lindenmann, 2006).
    To evaluate the public relation, mainly two types of methodology are used by the organizations. These are qualitative and quantitative methodologies. In qualitative methodology, focus group, depth interviews, convenience polling, ethnographic research and enquiry studies are covered those are used by the organization to evaluate public relation. As a part of quantitative methodology, face-to-face interview, mail survey, mall intercepts, panels, telephone survey, web-site studies and e-mail & fax polls are followed by the organizations to evaluate ...

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    The importance to evaluate public relations are discussed.