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Press Releases and Marketing

A key component of a company's promotional efforts is their public relations strategy. This can consist of communication through press releases and the generation of news, or through tactics such as sponsorship of public events. In this question, please review the various public relations tools that marketers can use and comment on their potential effectiveness in a marketing effort. As the world continues to change, is there still a place for public relations.

Or have communication venues become so clogged that these no longer bring value to the overall promotional strategy?

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Marketers can use various public relation tools- in fact, more today than ever before with the advent of social marketing. Companies can plan events to show case their products, develop press kits, write press releases, engage in a partnership with another company or celebrity, run contests, charitable activities, promote new products on existing products, have news conferences, make flyers, mention the product in blogs, on FaceBook pages, YouTube, and tweets. The best public relations are ones that leverage advertising and promotion programs so that all correspond with a common theme and emphasis. What is ...

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This solution discusses if there is still a place in the world for public relations now that there are so many marketing opportunities. It has links and examples.