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Public Relations: News releases for an organization

Can you please help me with these questions in this article and the "Top 10 PR Mistakes". Below is the link for the article and the Top 10 PR Mistakes. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Visit the site and review the material about news releases. How would you capitalize on the five tips the author provides in developing a news release for your organization? Be specific.

Review the Top 10 PR Mistakes - listed on the website provided that can hurt you in getting published. Comment on each mistake described. What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? What, if anything, was particularly surprising?

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Part A:
The five tips in "How to Send and Write a Press Release" are a great benefit to my organization. In the grocery business, we often fall prey to advertising a 4-color tabloid every Wednesday, without giving the consumer any reason to really think about our stores as having a unique offer. To draw more attention to our stores and gain more customers we could develop our own news stories. Recently there has been news about McDonalds trying to help curb children obesity and offer healthier choices with Happy Meals. Our stores could make news by offering free fruit or vegetable samples to all children. In the past, parents knew to bring their children to the bakery section of the store and receive a free cookie. Now, we will direct them to our produce section for a tasty, healthy treat of their choice. In addition, we will promote the program by adding bright colors in the produce (kid-friendly and eye-catching), touting the "five-a day" program. Our clerks will wear buttons stating "Kids! Apple or banana? Your choice, our treat!" We can even expand this program to do more promotions around kids and healthy cooking (cooking classes, seasonal fruits/vegetables highlighted in giveaway program, field trips for school children to see how produce is received, stocked and maintained) making it a bigger incentive for parents to bring their children with them and choose our stores to shop in. This covers the "be unusual" and "be visual" tips (Crilley, 2011).
In addition, we ...

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This solution reviews "Top 10 PR Mistakes" and answers questions, including how to capitalize on these tips for a business. Also, discusses article.