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    The Role of Press Releases in Public Relations

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    Describe the role of press releases in public relations. Identify components that you believe make an effective press release. Provide an example of a fictional scenario where a press release might be used to gain positive public recognition of a new small business. APA Style.

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    I. The Role of Press Releases in Public Relations

    According to Aker (2009), "Businesses distribute written or recorded press releases to the media about newsworthy topics that hold value to the public, such as new product or service announcements, events and achievements." Press releases are written in a specified format and they are being used by companies to inform the public of new information about the company or its products and services. If these press releases are submitted to different sites online, they can improve search engine ranking of the websites.

    A press release aids in the promotion of a business and in developing a good reputation for the business. When done through the internet, aside from carrying the reputation of the organization, it can influence directly and indirectly thousands of surfers and readers. Another advantage of distributing press releases online is that they can be made available in months or years.

    If press releases are distributed by a trusted brand, they will reach print journalists, broadcast & online media, and other analysts ...

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