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    Southwest Airline Website Analysis

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    Communication is a process in which organizational messages are deliberately generated and guided by organizational objectives. With this mind, explore Southwest Airline's Web site in depth:

    Identify the overall message Southwest Airlines is attempting to convey to stakeholders.
    Which stakeholders are targeted on this Web site?
    Identify uses of marketing verses public relation functions with these stakeholders.
    Do you feel that Southwest Airlines has successfully integrated their marketing communications? Explain why or why not.

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    Southwest Airlines website analysis:
    Identify the overall message Southwest Airlines is attempting to convey to stakeholders.

    After an extensive review of the Southwest Airlines website, it is apparent that the company is sending a direct message to all of their website visitors that convey how the company values their customers. The customers are Southwest Airlines biggest stakeholders. Without their customers, the airline would become unprofitable as we have seen happen with numerous other airlines over the past decade. The message of Southwest is apparent on virtually every page and in every main content area of their website. Their message is simple: the company will continuously cater to every part of their customer's experience. Each area of their website builds upon this point. Each step in the entire consumer experience is made easier by the technology and services that Southwest has incorporated into their website for their main stakeholders - their consumers.

    Which stakeholders are targeted on this Web site?

    The customers are the main stakeholder group targeted on this site. There are a few reasons for this. The main reason is for customer satisfaction. The customer can come to their website and actually plan their trip, change their seating assignment, make reservations, and find links to Southwest partners for car reservations, hotel reservations, and other ...

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