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    The Southwest Airlines Website

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    Review and analyse the Southwest Airlines Website.
    The website is www.southwest.com

    Shockley-Zalabak (2012) describes strategic organizational communication as "communication processes in which organizational messages are deliberately generated and guided by organizational objectives" (p. 346). Keeping this in mind, explore Southwest Airlines's Web site in depth:

    Identify the overall message Southwest Airlines is attempting to convey to stakeholders.
    Which stakeholders are targeted on this Web site?
    Identify uses of marketing verses public relation functions with these stakeholders.
    Do you feel that Southwest Airlines has successfully integrated their marketing communications? Explain why or why not.

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    True to the company's mission, Southwest Airlines wants to convey that it is 'dedicated to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit'.

    Grabbers (2005) listed the following customers for the company:
    - Medium to high frequency business travelers. (1 3 round trips per month)
    - Male/female professionals aged 24 55 years of age.
    - Price/cost conscious
    - Commuting distances ranging from 750 1700 miles
    - Internet/technology savvy
    - 30 60 day trip planners

    Yes, the company has successfully integrated their marketing communications in their operations. This is evidenced by the various awards and recognitions it received. The company's website specified the following recognitions in the airline industry:

    - In May 2011, Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards program ranked 2nd in the second annual Reward Seat Availability Survey.
    - In May 2011, Southwest Airlines was ranked as one of the top ten companies in MSN Money's 2011 Customer Service Hall of Fame.
    - In May 2011, Consumer Reports ranked Southwest Airlines as the Top Airline in Customer Service.
    - In April 2011, Southwest Airlines was ranked first in the 2011 Air Cargo Excellence Survey by Air Cargo World in the "up to 199,000 tonnes" ...

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