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    Competitor Analysis of Southwest Airlines

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    Please submit a brief description of the main competitors of Southwest Airlines. Give a brief description of each competitor and compare Southwest Airlines to the competitors in terms of service marketing. Provide advantages and disadvantages of the service marketing of each competitors in comparison to Southwest Airlines. Support your points by real examples. It is neccessary to consider the next competitors: Alaska Air, American Airlines Group, Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue.

    I need a structural paper in APA format with paragraphs, no plagiarism, no bulleted list, 4 pages, 12 font.

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    Competitor Analysis of Southwest Airlines
    The United States airline industry is an extremely competitive and volatile industry. The industry is heavily taxed and regulated, making it hard to maintain profits in the market. Airlines, such as American, have found it hard to cope with rising cost of fuel and other expenses. Filing bankruptcy in 2011 in order to cut labor cost, American Airlines, proved how difficult the industry has been in recent years (Peterson & Daily, 2011).
    Southwest Airlines, the second largest airline in the U.S. has shown that they can remain competitive even in an unpredictable operating atmosphere. Southwest has posted 40 straight years of profitability, which happens to be a record (Holmes, 2016). Maintaining a market value of 25.8 billion dollars, is not easy to do against high flying competitors, such as Delta Airlines and American Airlines (Holmes, 2016).
    SWOT Analysis of Southwest Airlines
    A SWOT Analysis of Southwest Airlines shows that they have some significant strengths. Southwest is a low-cost carrier which is how they established their foothold in the market. Many airlines operate traditionally out of hubs using a hub and spoke strategy. This simply means that flights typically have layovers in hub cities where they operate. Southwest uses a point-to-point routing system that enables them to get passengers where they need to go faster. In addition, Southwest has fostered a successful marketing plan and utilizes a vast fleet of Boeing 737s.
    Southwest benefits from such opportunities as near international destinations, in-flight amenities like WIFI and live streaming sportscast (Hawkins, Misra, & Tang, 2012). These opportunities attract new and repeat customers on their flights.
    Along with their strengths and opportunities, Southwest has some weaknesses and threats that they have to deal with in order to maintain their popularity and continue growth. Growing into congested markets is a great weakness for Southwest, and labor relations as of 2012 have been at a low point. Threatening prices of fuel increases diminish the airlines low-cost advantage, and the economy along with increased regulation has threatened every airline across the board.
    Southwest Airlines Closest Competitors
    Southwest Airlines has four very close competitors. Each of these competitors bring different challenges to Southwest's marketing ...

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