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Identify the firm, develop vision and mission, construct competitive profile, organizational strengh and weaknesses (internal and external)
Swot, recommondations.


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Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines Co., a major domestic airline, provides point-to-point, low-fare service. At year-end 2004, Southwest operated 417 Boeing 737 aircraft and provided service to 60 airports in 59 cities in 31 states throughout the U.S. The company topped the monthly domestic passenger traffic rankings published by the Department of Transportation for the first time in May 2003.

Southwest Airlines will fly any plane, as long it's a Boeing 737, and let passengers sit anywhere they like, as long as they get there first. Sticking with what works, Southwest will expand its low-cost, no-frills, no-reserved-seats approach to air travel throughout the US to serve about 60 cities in 30 states. Southwest will offer ticket less travel to trim back-office costs and operate its own reservation system. It will be a top US airline, Southwest will stand as the inspiration for scrappy low-fare airline upstarts the world over. It also will be profitable, always. It will give ordinary people the opportunity to fly. So it must be a low-cost, low-fare, no-frills airline.
It is low cost, low-fare airline with high employee productivity, a laid back attitude, and a single aircraft model. The airline's principal competitive strenght is to provide shorthaul, high frequency, point-to-point and low-fare air service. as at 31-dec-2004, the group
operated 417 boeing 737 aircraft and provided service to 60 airports in 59 cities in 31 states throughout the united states. the group serves satellite and downtown airports such as dallas love field, houston hobby, chicago, midway, baltimore-washington international, burbank, manchester, oakland,
san jose, providence, ft. lauderdale/hollywood and long island islip
airports. the group focuses principally on point-to-point service in markets
with frequent flights and low fares. the group's ...