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    Ancestry DNA Tests

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    I'd just like to know:
    1) are ancestry dna tests(mtDNA,Y-chromosome STR test) reliable?
    2) in the case of Y-chromosome test,as long as they analyse markers on the Y chromosome,does it give ancestry only on the father of my father of my father.... or on the whole of my father's side(and his father,mother,etc.) If it gives ancestry on both sides,is it due to some gene swapping occurring at mitosis,meiosis?
    3) in the case of mtDNA test,does it reflect only my mother's side?,or again both due to gene swapping as before?
    4)is it then ancestry tests on autosomal markers the most reliable?
    5)are the different R1b(or I,R1a,etc.) types(a,b,c..) something real or just invented to fake differences by country?


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    1. Yes since they reflect our genetic material which we indeed have inherited from our ancestors there is (at present) no better or more reliable method and due to its very nature it is - at least at present - hard to see how a better test could be made! If properly done and interpreted they are reliable!
    2. It works ONLY on males with at least one Y-chromosome. There it shows inheritance from father to son and vice versa up and down the chain. So ONLY of inheritance from father to son generation after generation. So it is ONLY the ...

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    The expert examines ancestry DNA tests. Which ancestry tests on autosomal markers the most reliable are determined.