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    Accuracy and Consistency

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    Please see the attached file for the problem about quality-checking the weight of a manufactured project.

    i) Using the same price of graph paper, plot a fully - labelled frequency polygon for each operator.

    ii) Describe what your polygons reveal, making particular reference to:
    a) The shape of each weight distribution,
    b) The possible average weight in each case, and
    c) The dispersion of weights for each operator.

    iii) Explain what criteria must be used to suggest which operator, on the basis of the evidence, is:
    a) Most accurate, and
    b) Most consistent

    iv) Hence, on the basis of the evidence, state which operator you think is:
    a) Most accurate, and
    b) Most consistent

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    Solution Summary

    Excel and Word documents attached plot frequency polygons and analyse their shapes, average weights and dispersion in order to decide which operators are most accurate and consistent for quality-checking a manufactured project.