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Dispersion and Spread of Data

The dispersion and spread of data refers to measures in statistics which are used to define the deviation or scatter of a data set from the central value. Some of these measures, such as standard deviation and the interquartile range, are commonly seen marked on graphs to illustrate the variability which exists in the data set being presented. To describe data fully, knowing the extent of variability which is present is critical, and this cannot be achieved through the use of central tendency measures alone (1). Thus, using measures which evaluate the dispersion and spread of data is a common practice.

Using various measures of dispersion or spread in conjunction with measures of central tendency is very valuable in statistics. Using a measure of spread to assess the variability of a data set can provide insight as to whether a particular measure of central tendency will be useful in evaluating the data (2). Determining whether the variation of a data set is high or low can indicate whether or not the mean would be more appropriate than the median to use in finding the average value of a data set.

Essentially, the overall objective in using measures of dispersion and spread is to summarize the nature of data. Calculating the interquartile range, standard deviation or range, are some of the methods which can be implemented to estimate variability. Furthermore, utilizing different indicators of dispersion and spread can be an efficient method for making comparisons between data sets, and thus, educated conclusions regarding the importance of the results.




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The range is a statistical measure which aims to calculate the spread between the minimum and maximum value in a data set.

Standard Deviation

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Standard deviation is a measure of absolute variation used to calculate the amount of divergence which exists from an expected value and is denoted by the Greek symbol for sigma.

Coefficient of Variation

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The coefficient of variation is computed by deriving the ratio between the standard deviation and the mean and thus, is known as a measure of relative variation.


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Percentiles are often calculated for a set of data in statistics and are representative of different percentage ranges.

Interquartile Range

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In statistics, the interquartile range refers to the overall difference between the higher quartile value of a data set and the accompanying lower quartile value.

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The president of the wholesale distributor is concerned about the possibility of stockouts causing a loss of customer confidence and loyalty and is interested in maintaining safety stock in inventory to prevent potential stockouts. Assuming demand is normally distributed with a mean of 15 units and a standard deviation of 3

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2.82 All measures of variation are nonnegative in value for all sets of data. a. What does it mean for a value to be "nonnegative"? b. Describe the conditions necessary for a measure of variation to have the value zero. c. Describe the conditions necessary for a measure of variation to have a positive value. 2.83 Consider

Collecting Data for a Study

If you were designing a study which group, a population or a sample, would you collect data from and why? Provide an explanation regarding whether or not the standard deviation is a biased or unbiased estimate. When comparing the standard deviation to the variance, which do you prefer to interpret and why do you feel this way?

Probability Distribution & Standard Deviation

The New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey showed a total of 59,324 rent-controlled housing units and 236,263 rent-stabilized units built in 194 or later. For these rental units, the probability distributions for the number of persons living in the unit are given. Number of Persons Rent-Controlled Rent-Stabilized 1

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Assume that both samples are independent simple random samples from populations having normal distributions. A random sample of 13 four-cylinder cars is obtained, and the braking distances are measured and found to have a mean of 137.5ft and a standard deviation of 5.8ft. A random sample of 12 six-cylinder cars is obtained and

Finding the Percentile

I need help solving this problem: The amount of Jen's monthly phone bill is normally distributed with a mean of $50 and a standard deviation of $10. Find the 25th percentile.

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Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans on August 29, 2005. The National Weather Service Forecast Office maintains online archives of climate data for all U.S. cities and areas. These archives allow us to find out, for example, how the rainfall in New Orleans that August compared to the other months of 2005. The table below shows the

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The following table gives estimates of the percent change in population for each U.S. state over the years 1990 to 2000. (This data set was used in Example 1.8.) State Percent Change State Percent Change Alabama 10.1 Montana 12.9 Alaska 14 Nebraska 8.4 Arizona 40

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1. Radiation in Baby Teeth: Listed below are amount of strontium-90 (in millibec-querels) in a simple random sample of baby teeth obtained from Pennsylvania residents born after 1979 (based on data from "An Unexpected Rise in Strontium-90 in U.S Deciduous Teeth in the 1990's ," by Mangano,, Science of the Total Environmen

Returns and Standard Deviations

Consider the following information: Rate of Return if State Occurs State of Economy Probability of State of Economy Stock A Stock B Stock C Boom .20 .37 .41 .42 Good .30 .17 .12 .13 Poor .17 .11 .06 .05 Bust .33 .05 -.05 -.04 Requirement 1: Your portfolio is invested 16 percent each in A and C, and 68 perc

Mean and Standard Deviation

Many drugs used to treat cancer are expensive. Business week reported on the cost per treatment of Herceptin, a drug used to treat breast cancer (Business Week, January 30, 2006). Typical treatment costs (in dollars) for Herceptin are provided by a simple random sample of 10 patients. 4376 5578 2717 4920 4495 4798 6446

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Descriptive Statistics/Describing Variation

Need help with the following problem: Temperature is critical to ensure a proper cure of paint on transformer drums. After the transformer drums are painted, they are sent through an oven. The mean temperature of the oven is 535 degrees F with a standard deviation of degrees of 27 degrees F. The oven temperature is normally d

Joe's mean and standard deviation of the average payout from his 14,000 bets

The law of large numbers tells us what happens in the long run. Like many games of chance, the numbers racket has outcomes so variable-one three digit number wins $600 and all others win nothing-that gamblers never reach "the long run". Even after many bets, their average winnings may not be close to the mean. For the numbers


The problem is to estimate that sales for the coming year for a maker of industrial equipment. The forecast is based on askingcustomers how much they are planning to order next year. To use the research budget efficiently, the customers are stratisifiedby the size of their orders during the past year. The following is some relev

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1. Turner agrees to buy a boat for $2,800 down and $129 a month for 48 months. What is the total cost of the boat? 2. Rocco scored 81, 89, 68, 92, and 77 on his mathematics quizzes. Round each score to the nearest ten to estimate his total score. 3. a) Name the property of addition that is illustrated. 4 +9


1. What method of data collection would you use to collect data for a study where a drug was given to 10 patients and a placebo to another group of 10 patients to determine if the drug has an effect on a patient's illness use sampling take a census perform an experiment use a simulatio

Sample Standard Deviation for monthly salaries of sales representatives

Sample standard deviation The monthly salaries (in thousands of dollars) of a sample of 6 sales representatives are as follows: 10, 7, 13, 12, 9, 9 Find the standard deviation of this sample of monthly salaries. Round your answer to at least two decimal places. (If necessary, consult a list of formulas.)

Standard Deviation of pricing for Mercedes CLK350 vs BMW 3

Suppose Mercedes is concerned that dealer prices of the CLK350 Coupe are not consistent and that even thought the average price is $44,520, actual prices are normally distributed with a standard deviation of $2981. Suppose also that Mercedes believes that at $43,000, the CLK350 coupe is priced out of the BMW 3 series Coupe 335i

Service Levels, Safety Stock, Reorder Point and Service Levels

MassPC Inc. Produces PC Pal model. It takes 1 week to produce a batch. Factory orders are normally distributed with average 400 units per week, and standard deviation of forecast errors is estimated at 125 units. If MassPC wants to provide service level of 80%, how much safety stock should be kept? What is the reorder point? Wha

Continuous Probability Distributions & Sampling Methods; Central Limit Theorem

Ch 07 45.) The goal at U.S. airports handling international flights is to clear these flights within 45 minutes. Let's interpret this to mean that 95% of the flights are cleared in 45 minutes, so 5% of the flights take longer to clear. Let's also assume that the distribution is approximately normal. a.) If the standard

Excel functions for use in statistics

See attached files. The questions and solutions are attached for a group of problems, but I don't know how to work them in Excel. All references in the questions are also attached. Please assist with the Excel commands.


1.                   The number of hours needed by students in a science class to complete a research project was recorded with the following results: hours Number of Students(freq) 0 - 14 2 15 - 29 4 30 - 44 10 45 - 59 16 60 - 74 6 7