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    Case Study - Organisational Behaviour (Leading)

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    You are required to write case analysis using the Perceived Organisational Support theory.

    You will need to analyse the "What happened to my work-life balance?" case study (See attached case study 1), and use the above theory to explain how and why the theory has something to offer in terms of providing constructive advice for more effective organisational behaviour in the future. Remember, this case analysis is about demonstrating your understanding of the theory you choose to write about, so it is critical that you think carefully about which theory you choose, and what sorts of insights each of the theories could offer to improve organisational effectiveness in the future.


    This case analysis requires you to first review a theory (i.e. a literature review), apply the theory to provide insight into the provided case study (show how the theory explains what happened in the case study), and then provide recommendations based on the theory on how to improve the situation or experience described in the case study.


    Literature Review

    •In the first section of your analysis you will need to define and describe the theory you have chosen, and discuss why it is important (in general terms). This is best achieved by writing a short literature review. If you are unsure of what a literature review is, literature reviews are commonly used in journal articles to define and discuss the fit of specific theories to the context of what the journal article is all about. When doing your research for take a look at how the authors of journal articles introduce, define and discuss the theories they are talking about in their articles.


    •Describe the case study, being sure to use formal terminology (consistent with literature) to indicate to your reader that you can identify the components/events of the situation or experience that could be explained or analysed by your chosen theory.

    •Apply the theory to the case study, discussing which aspects can be explained or defined by your chosen theory, and analyse the case study (with support from literature/journal articles) to determine what went well, and what could be improved from the organisational perspective.

    Conclusion and Recommendations

    •Generate recommendations that identify what the organisation can do to address the issues identified in your analysis, being sure to provide a clearly defined pathway (steps/goals) for improvement that highlights your understanding of your chosen theory.

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