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    Organizational Behavior Conflict is Part of Organizational Life

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    Respond to this statement to reflect appropriate and relevant theories of Organisational Behaviour:

    Organisational Behaviour - Conflict is a healthy and important part of organisational life. Agree/Disagree?

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    I do, to some extent, agree with the statement that conflict is a healthy and important part of the organization life but there is some limit above which it could be the worst case for the organization. Conflict can generally defined as an honest difference of opinions that results from different positions on an issue and possibility of two or more alternative course of action among or between two or more than two individuals. It is not only unavoidable for the organization but also most valuable for it. It has been found that conflicts arise naturally in the daily life of the organization. Even it happens within the family when wife and husband has some conflicting views on certain extent and it get resolved within days but if the conflict deepens it leads to divorce. Generally difference occurs among employees due to difference in goals, procedure or activities and this conflict if handled well leads to an unexpected increase in the employee productivity and efficiency.

    So we can say that conflict is a ...

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    Organizational behavior conflict as a part of organizational life is examined.