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Conflict in organizations: Sources and Solutions

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Leaders must frequently address competing needs of work groups. Conflict can arise when groups vie for limited resources. Addressing the conflict is essential to leading.

Research conflict in organizations, and address the following in a cohesive presentation to senior leaders:

Explain sources of conflict within an organization.
Discuss types of conflict that can arise when groups vie for resources.
Describe different models that address organizational conflict.
Develop recommendations for methods to address inter-group conflicts.

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The solutions identifies the sources of conflict in an organization and what particular conflict resolution model may be used to address them.

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Explain sources of conflict within an organization.

Conflict occurs in almost all types of organizations. According to Fisher (2000), sources of conflict may be due to economic, value, and power.

1. Economic conflict - involves competing motives to attain scarce resources. Each party wants to get the most that it can, and the behavior and emotions of each party are directed toward maximizing its gain. Union and management conflict often has as one of its sources the incompatible goals of how to slice up the "economic pie".

2. Value conflict - involves incompatibility in ways of life, ideologies - the preferences, principles and practices that people believe in.

3. Power conflict - occurs when each party wishes to maintain or maximize the amount of influence that it exerts in the relationship and the social setting. It is impossible for one party to be stronger without the other being weaker, at least in terms of direct influence over each other. Thus, a power struggle ensues which usually ends in a victory and defeat, or in a "stand-off" with a continuing state of tension. Power conflicts can occur between individuals, between groups or between nations, whenever one or both parties choose to take a power approach to the relationship. Power also enters into all conflict since the parties are attempting to control each other.

Discuss types of conflict that can arise when groups vie for resources.

Vying for resources is a major cause of organizational conflict. Belak ...

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