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Steps Patricia take for better working relationship with her manager

Patricia works as a marketing consultant at a prestigious firm. She was thrilled when she got the job. However, she feels that her manager is overbearing, is extremely demanding, and treats her unfairly. Though unable to express her frustrations directly, she is less motivated, and this gets reflected in her work.

How should Patricia deal with the situation? What steps can she take to build a working relationship with her manager? Give at least three suggestions with your rationale.

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Seek Common Ground. All too often people in conflict with others assume that their interests and those of the other party are completely incompatible. When this occurs, they tend to over the fact that they actually might have several areas of interest in common. When parties focus on the areas of agreement between them, it helps bring them together on the areas of disagreement. This verifies that the interest of both parties are not completely incompatible, thereby encouraging them to find a solution to area in which they disagree. By contrast, if either party believed that they ...

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The steps Patricia can take for better working relationships with her manager is determined.