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    Human Resources

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    If anyone can assist me in compiling a PAA- Personal Application Assignment. The headings for the PAA have to be in APA format. In the abstract section, there has to be at least two different concepts or theories that relate to the experience and it has to be in reference to Argyris and Schon's Theories. I will attach guidelines. Thank you.

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    Concrete Experience:
    When I was working in the accounts department as a data entry operator, I heard that one of my colleagues, Patricia, an accounts receivable clerk, had been sexually harassed! I felt shocked and first reaction was disbelief. How can such an incident happen close to my cubicle and I was not aware of it? How was she harassed? Someone said she was abused, another colleague whispered she was molested. When was she harassed? Here also there was confusion. Someone said that it was during lunch break, another said it was after office hours. I felt devastated. I peered at Patricia, but apart from puffed eyes she was engrossed in her work. The financial controller had done the deed. This was what the grapevine said. I was distressed. There was a sense of inequity in the entire department and productivity fell. A departmental enquiry was carried out and I heard that financial controller was reprimanded and Patricia was shunted to the systems department that was located in another building. I had cordial relations with Patricia and I wanted to ask her what happened. I wanted to reach out to her in her moment of crisis but I did not have the courage to talk to her. I felt sympathetic towards her. I felt and knew that great wrong had been done but felt helpless. The day she left our office almost every one was in tears. She had been a helpful and cheerful worker and now she was being made to leave the office.

    Reflective Experience:
    I discussed the Patricia issue with the cashier and was taken aback by his reaction. According to him, Patricia got off lightly. In other companies, stronger steps would have been taken against her. She may even have been dismissed. He told me stories of ...

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