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    Creativity, Innovation, Organizational Conflict.

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    Can you help me with the following tasks?

    I have to identify two organizations that I consider to be innovative or creative. I have to go to their Websites and determine from a structural, cultural, and/or people standpoint what makes them so innovative or creative.

    I have to analyze and discuss conflict and politics within an organization of which I have been a member, discussing what were the sources of conflict and how was power used to influence the decision making process.

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    For Question 1, you are being asked to just identify two creative/innovative organizations, and reason out why they are. The trick here is to find the right organizations, then put together a 250-word discussion for each to defend your choice. I suggest this outline

    1. Importance of innovation and creativity in organizations - 100 words
    2. Organization 1 - 200 words
    3. Organization 2 - 200 words

    Creativity & Innovation

    Organizations all aim to survive, have longevity, and keep being creative and innovative as this allows for organizations to be truly relevant and in-touch with the needs of a market. Being creative is all about the production of new ideas and being innovative is building upon present ideas and processes but taking it to an improved, more dynamic, and far developed level. This is accomplished by implementing an idea or process of a product (Herman, 2009). In order for organizations to keep being creative and innovative, it encourages said traits by design in how their employees are handled, how work ethics motivate, and encourage development.

    What makes a company creative? It's when individuals and teams ...

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    The solution provides information, assistance and advice to help the student tackle the task (see above) in presenting 2 organizations that are creative/innovative and in presenting an organization with issues in terms of conflict and problematic decision-making. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic.