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    Methods for Developing Creative and Innovative Teams

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    Conflict Management
    Write a 1050-1400 word paper that describes methods for developing a team that are creative and innovative. Describe how to develop skills for both team members and leaders that allow them to assimilate into newly formed teams and become effective members quickly and efficiently.

    Please assist and include 3 references and follow APA format.

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    1. Write a 1050-1400 word paper that describes methods for developing a team that are creative and innovative.

    There are various methods to foster creativity and innovation among team members.

    One of the major strategies to foster creativity and innovation among team members is to empower them with increased authority, responsibility and decision making capability. Such empowerment will allow individual team members to think out of the box with more confidence. Empowerment boosts motivation and confidence levels of the employees and allow them to input new ideas and suggestions to the team on a regular basis.

    Employees should be provided resources and facilities to think out of the box. Organization should be committed in terms of providing resources to employees, such as financial and technological resources and access to other resources for bringinging new ideas to the table.

    When your staff develops new ideas that don't meet your approval, don't just squash the idea. Instead, communicate what isn't right and give them the assignment to develop new ways to blast through these barriers. Your job is not to kill the idea, but to move it forward in a way that will allow it to become real. As a leader, you don't have to choose between yes or no. You can instead let your team know what you like and what you don't like. The next step is to allow them to tweak the idea so it moves forward.

    Reference: Jennifer White and Diane Menendez (1998); Learn how to nurture employees' ideas to foster creativity, spark innovation; Retrieved online from http://sanjose.bizjournals.com/sanjose/stories/1998/09/14/smallb2.html

    Further, flexibility in the workplace also fosters creativity and ...

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