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How Innovation, Design, and Creativity affect Businesses

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Prepare a 350-word paper in which you compare and contrast innovation, design, and creativity. Be sure to define each term and discuss their business implications.

Be sure to properly cite your references apa guidelines.

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Thi solution discusses innovation, design, and creativity and their implications in business.

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Innovation processes enable companies to pinpoint areas that need to be changed and/or improved and set the necessary goals for achieving that change. The ultimate purpose of innovation is to help the organization gain a competitive edge by revolutionizing its products or services, making innovation a vital component of the design process of the organization. In order to be innovative, the organization must also incorporate creativity. One way companies can achieve innovation is by developing creative processes that can work at getting and keeping the employees motivated. For example, the organization may make employee trainings more appealing to the staff by incorporating fun ideas and incentives that ...

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