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    Management of Innovation and Creativity

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    Discuss which contextual factors (at the project, industry, or national level) have the greatest impact on an innovation project. Explain your selections.

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    Management of Innovation and Creativity

    Prior to discussing the contextual factors related to innovation at the project or industry level I think it is important to understand the managerial foundational elements that are required to create an innovative organizational culture.

    For example, strategic planning involves the creation or reevaluation of the organization's vision; mission, values, and strategy (Bateman & Snell, 2007). Strategic planning defines the organization's identity through the process of identifying the organization's destiny and barriers that can affect that destiny. Strategic planning provides the focus of resources and energies of the organization in a ...

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    This 340 word response is designed to provide an explanation of some of the factors that affect organizational innovation and creativity. Additionally the solution highlights the role of management in utilizing strategic planning and technological advancement to help drive marketing creativity.