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    Innovation, Design, and Creativity: A Comparison

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    Prepare a response in which you compare and contrast innovation, design, and creativity. In your answer, be sure to define each term and discuss their business implications.

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    Creativity comes from the verb 'create' which means to make something unique come into being. A product cannot exist without this process. Creativity is a process that creates products which are novel, unique, and original. It tolerates risk, requires a commitment of resources and time and acceptance of possible failure. It deserves to be thought of as an investment and the organization needs to commit to being creative for a long time. Creativity is an ongoing, formal and complex process. It can be taught and learned hence the reason for organizations to train their staff and the whole organization so that more creatively effective personnel are in the workplace.

    Design is commonly defined as to fashion artistically; to conceive or form a visual idea in the mind; an outline, plan or sketch. In production, it involves evaluating products in real context and then planning or designing for it. In business ...

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    The solution compares and contrasts innovation, design, and creativity. Each term is defined and their business implications are also discussed. References included.