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    Innovation, Design & Creativity

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    I need help writing a 350- to 700-word paper in which I compare and contrast innovation, design, and creativity. In my paper, I have to define each term and discuss their business implications

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    Innovation, creativity, and design are understood in an integrated manner in the business world. They are essential for the success of businesses in a globally competitive world. Along with innovation, creativity, and design, the following terms are also important and related: curiosity, investigation, and desire for on-going improvement. These topics help organizations solve existing problems and gives opportunities for both the person and the business to work together in developing new solutions and designing resources for growth. To better understand how innovation, design, and creativity can help businesses, let us discuss their definitions.


    Innovation is a mindset that supports the development of an idea to become physical in form such as a new product, service or process. There are two components in innovation - implementation and creativity. Implementation is putting ideas into practice in an organized, structured and systematic approach so that the projects are completed during the required time frame. Creativity consists of the basic ...

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