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RTI Proposal: How to benefit from becoming more innovative and creative

I selected RTI International as an organization that I feel would benefit from a new focus on creativity and innovation.

Assume the role of a consultant for RTI. You have been hired to help the organization become more innovative. Prepare a proposal in which you analyze how RTI will benefit from becoming more innovative and creative. In your discussion, be sure to address the following:

a. Analyze how each concept of innovation, design, and creativity support the organizationâ??s goals and objectives (their strategic plan)

b. Identify 2 internal and 2 external drivers of innovation for RTI

APA format and be sure to properly cite your sources of information. Include a abstract and conclusion

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Proposal on Innovation and Creativity


This proposal discusses about innovation and creativity. It describes about the concept of innovation, creativity and design. It reflects the role of innovation and creativity in attaining organizational goals. It also demonstrates internal and external drivers of innovation for RTI.


Innovation is considered as critical success factor (CSF) that drives the business successfully if applied with right attitude (Abramson & Littman, 2002). Creative thinking and design is becoming an essential part of organizations. RTI a research organization with the help of innovative approaches can improve its performance (About RTI, 2010). There are different factors or drivers that can be used to implement innovation and creativity into practice to meet organizational goals.

Role of Innovation

Innovation plays a vital role in achieving the organizational goals and objectives. There are different key aspects related to innovation that drive organizational success. These are as follow:

Differentiation: Innovation makes differentiation that further helps the organizations to face the challenges posed by their rival firms. It creates a distinctive image of the firm in the marketplace that fosters customers to go for the particular firm (Abramson & Littman, 2002). It will assist RTI to make differentiation in the area of research and development.

Improve market reputation: Innovative concepts and ideas enhance market reputation of the organization. Corporate image of the organization becomes strengthened through innovative ideas. In this way, it helps the firms to attain their goals and objectives. For example, Intel's what next philosophy has assisted the company to create a corporate image of an innovative business entity (Intel). So, it will also provide a base to RTI for driving success into a competitive era.

Foster participation: Innovation encourages employee participation that is vital to ensure their commitment for organizational goals. In this manner, innovation assists the organizations to attain their goals and organization (Abramson & Littman, 2002). So, RTI can take the advantage of this concept by assigning challenging tasks to its staff members.

Enhance market share: Innovation also increase market share of the firm by delivering best results to the customers. Through ...

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