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    UPS: Drivers for innovation

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    What are internal drivers of innovation?

    Assume the role of a consultant for your selected organization. You have been hired to help the organization become more innovative. Prepare a proposal in which you analyze how your selected organization will benefit from becoming more innovative and creative.

    What are the internal drivers of innovation?

    (My organization chosen is United Parcel Service)

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    I have created a comprehensive solution in the form of a Proposal that explains innovation and at the same time suggests adaptable creative measures relevant to the current situation of your chosen organization - UPS. This solution is attached as a word file following APA format. Complete with a cover page and references, use this solution as your guide and resource. Thank you very much for using Brainmass. Attached as well is a table that explains the two types of innovation and their specific features.


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    Defining Innovation

    When we think of innovation, we immediately associate it with technological development or new concepts and ideas adapted to make things better be it an object, a product, a service or a process. What innovation simply put is a 'new way of doing something'. It is the incremental, sometimes radical and revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. When we think of innovation though, it is important to distinguish it from the concept of invention where ideas are made manifest. Innovation is about ideas applied successfully. For example Edison's light bulb is an idea made manifest whereas Phillips made an innovative adaptation of Edison's concept of light powered by electricity via its varied light products. For something to be innovative, it must be substantially different, more advanced, more developed. Change cannot be insignificant in terms of its effects. For example in people's suffrage, the adaptation of PC-based voting has made elections more efficient. When we innovate, we are looking to make something better, to direct positive change. In business for example, innovation creates increased productivity and efficiency to increase profit and create wealth and to stimulate the economy. Innovation, incremental and radical is driven by people and their needs as well social situations that urge people to look at new ways of working things to adapt, survive and move forward. Internally, in any organization, people drive innovation. Externally, it is driven by trends and changes in society.

    The Challenge

    The world is in a recession. The Euro and the British pound are weakening, the $ is struggling. The purchasing power of nations the world over decrease and the market is unstable. Jobs are lost every day while businesses close. Things are looking bleak and for many, the future seems uncertain. Companies, organizations, individuals and groups now, more than ever need to find a way to combat this situation. Innovation in terms of running businesses, retaining clients, finding ...

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    This solution provides assistance to the student via example. It is an APA-format essay that looks at the United Parcel Service (the organization) and identifies as well as provides an analysis of the organization's internal and external motivators/drivers for innovation.