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    Outline of Dr. Nancy Padian's Impact on RTI International

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    Based on your own independent research, I selected Dr. Nancy Padian, PhD as an individual who I believe to be a creative thinker. Based on Dr. Padian, prepare a detailed outline of my selected creative thinker's impact on RTI International.

    APA format, and include reference page.

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    Impact of Creative Thinker on RTI International

    Creative Thinker

    Dr Nancy Padian is a creative person who is a researcher and works as an executive director of Women's Global Health Imperative. Nancy is known for her contribution and experience on heterosexual transmission of Aids. She is a distinguished fellow of RTI international. Due to her creative thinking, she has worked in research related to female controlled disease prevention. Nancy has played a leadership role in National Institute of Health Sponsored researches, where she worked to prevent HIV (Nancy Padian Named RTI International Distinguished ...

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