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    Negotiation Strategy Article Analysis

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    I need some help, please find two articles on the Internet that describe a negotiation situation that employs different negotiation strategies. Describe the negotiation processes used in your selected articles. Compare and contrast those two strategies and how they might apply in a work setting at RTI International.

    Format paper according to APA standards with a reference page on a Word doc in 1000 words or more.

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    Please find guidelines for preparing Application of Negotiation Strategies.


    Application of Negotiation Strategies

    Negotiation process can be defined as the process, in which two or more parties are involved in order to reach an agreement on a particular issue or the situation on which they have conflict of interest between them. There are various stakeholders, who involves in a negotiation process as they are also affected from particular agreement or decision (Spoelstra & Pienaar, 1999). Following are the some situations, in which different negotiation strategies are used in order to solve the conflict -
    Contending Negotiation Strategy
    In the first article, the contending strategy of negotiation is used in high profile conflicts. The contending negotiation strategy can be defined as the strategy in which one persuades to other party to come on a solution that favors the interest of one party. It is also called as the positional bargaining process. This type of negotiation strategy involves the coercive power, which is communicated in form of threat or influence tactics. Inflated demand, persuasion, irrevocable commitments are the other sources of coercive power, which is used in the contending negotiation strategy (Morris & Pinto, 2007). Generally it tends poor outcomes as it is used as open strategy by most of the organizations.
    The article describes the conflict between the interests of public relation and high profile organizations such as US Department of Agriculture, American Airlines etc. The conflict between the public and organization causes due to changing stance and strategy of these two parties. In order to eliminate the conflict between different parties the various concepts are employed such as contending, avoiding, compromising etc. The contending approach is most effective approach to ...

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