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RTI: Is it an Effective Way to Improve Academic Performance?

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RTI: Is it an Effective Way to
Improve Academic Performance?

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Children who are in need of assistance in the classroom must be acknowledged through every possible avenue available. I have often heard parents articulate that their child was "left out in the cold" when it came to ...

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The traditional structure of the general education classroom has become increasingly diversified; so much that a new approach that enables educators to reach all learners has become necessity. With this need in mind, we are hard pressed to evaluate and finally utilize differentiated practices that are beneficial to all learners. In many districts, the RTI approach has been adopted to meet the varied needs of diverse learners. RTI (Response to Intervention) is defined as "a system integrating assessment and intervention within a multi-level prevention system to maximize student achievement and to reduce behavior problems. With RTI, schools identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes, monitor student progress, provide evidence-based interventions and adjust the intensity and nature of those interventions depending on a student's responsiveness, and identify students with learning disabilities" (US Department of Education).

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