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    Innovation and Creativity

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    Discuss the role of innovation and creativity as a responsibility of tomorrow's organizational leadership. Please use academic and peer-reviewed journals to support your response.

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    Several writers see leadership as a key linkage between individual creativity and knowledge and organizational innovation, which are especially imperative for the leader of tomorrow. For example, Amabile (1983) observed parallels between organizational innovation and individual innovation, identifying three primary components for organizational innovation. This is imperative for the leadership of tomorrow due to the fast pace of change in the present and expected future market. The first component pointed out by Amabile was motivation to innovate. "Leadership influences motivation. Leadership should come from the highest level, but middle management could also be very important. The organization should communicate value is placed on innovation in general; a willingness to risk rather than an orientation towards maintaining the status quo; a sense of pride in the organization's members and what they are capable of doing; and an offensive strategy of taking the lead toward the future, not a defensive strategy of simply wanting to protect the organization's past position" (Amabile, p. 154).

    The second factor that links individual creativity of the leader with organizational innovation is resources, including people with knowledge, funds and training. Thus, the creative leader embraces resources, which is imperative for tomorrow's leader, as knowledge, funding and training are necessary and need to be creatively embraced in order to meet the creative challenges of tomorrow; to keep up with the increasing knowledge and fast pace of both knowledge acquisition and change. The final factor pointed out by Amabile is that the ...

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