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Develop strategies and what is lateral coordination questions

Need help with two questions. Thanks, the questions need to be roughly 200 words, I am looking for direction on how to answer these questions. The questions below.

How can organizations develop strategies to meet their innovation and creativity goals?

What is lateral coordination and why is it important for organizations to meet goals? What are some effective methods for lateral coordination?

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Development of Strategies to meet with Innovation and Creativity Goals
Nowadays every organization wants to operate with continuous innovation and creativity as it has become essential to attain competitive advantage in present competitive environment. For meeting with innovation and creativity goals, it has become vital to develop strategies that can be done with the help of effective planning and coaching (Montana & Charnov, 2000). Planning and continuous coaching will assist a firm and its management in developing strategies through which they can encourage their employees to attain pre-determined innovation and creativity goals.
With the help of planning, organization will become able in identifying the innovation it needs to do in coming future with the creativity ...

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