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    IM Injections, Plantar Flex, Spinal Curvature

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    Name three muscles or, muscle groups used as sites for intramuscular injections. Which is most often used in babies?

    Tom was advised by his doctor to lose weight and start jogging. He began to jog daily. On the sixth day, he was forced to jump out of the way of a speeding car. He heard a snapping sound that was immediately followed by pain in his right lower calf. A gap was visible between his swollen calf and his heel, and he was unable to plantar flex that foot. What happened?

    Peter had colon surgery. He is experiencing weakness of the muscles on his right side only, the side in which the incision was made through the abdominal musculature. Consequently, the abdominal muscles on his left side contract more strongly, throwing his torso into a lateral flexion. Peter needs physical therapy. What abnormal spinal curvature will result if he doesn't get it and why?

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    The three most common locations for IM (intramuscular injections) are:

    deltoid muscle
    vastus lateralis muscle
    gluteus medius muscle

    The muscle located at the anterolateral thigh (vastus lateralis muscle) is the preferred site for ...

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    Various muscular questions are addressed in this solution, including IM injections, plantar flex, and spinal curvature.